ICEPIK – Lattice ICE40UL1K on a 8-pin PDIP PCB

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Lattice ICE40UL1K-SWG16 FPGA (WLCSP-16 package)

Onboard +1v2 LDO powers FPGA

8-pin PDIP format for ease of use (2.54mm hole pitch / 0.1″ spacing)

User defined VIO rail (typical +3v3)

Boot custom RTL code from CRAM (static ram), external FLASH or internal OTP

OTP program / debug your custom IP with the Axxon ICE-TRAY Programmer

Fully compatible with Lattice ICE CUBE, DIAMOND and open source tool chains

Program in Verilog or VHDL

Low cost and convenient to use

Designed & Assembled in Canada

Order P/N Axxon ICEPIK

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