PCI Express 2S High Speed Isolated RS422/RS485 Serial Adapter with FLEXIBAUD™

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PCI Express Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 expansion slot compatible (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 lane)

Native PCI Express UART Controller with DMA and MSI support offers low latency response

FLEXIBAUD™ feature permits custom user defined baud rates with precision framing

Isolated RS422 / Isolated RS485 (2w/4w) jumper selectable modes

Each port with 3kVrms Digital Isolator & 4.2kv Isolated DC-DC Power Supply

Enhanced 16550 / 16650 / 16750 / 16950 UART modes

9-bit multi-drop support

2 x DB9 Male connectors (TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, Ground)

Full (4-wire)  duplex pin out support (Isolated TX+, Isolated TX-, Isolated RX+, Isolated RX-)

Half (2-wire) duplex pin out support (Isolated D+, Isolated D-)

Local Echo ON / OFF support (RS485)

Full (standard) Height mounting bracket support

High speed design with DMA support for autonomous data transfers without CPU intervention

Support for up to 500 kbps data rates with p/n LF1090KB-500

Support for up to 20 Mbps data rates with p/n LF1090KB-20

±15kv ESD and short-circuit protected RS422/RS485 compliant transceiver

Surge voltage and surge current protected interface

Fail-safe biased design with support for assorted bias configurations

Hardware state machine auto-enables RS485 transmitter

Supported on Windows (32 & 64 bit) and Linux (32 & 64 bit)

FCC, CE, RoHS, Pb-free and Conflict of Minerals compliant


™ FLEXIBAUD is a trademark of Axxon (OEM) Inc.

Order P/N Axxon LF1090KB-500 (Max 500kbps)

Order P/N Axxon LF1090KB-20 (Max 20Mbps)

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