Native PCI Express High Speed RS422/RS485 Serial Adapter

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PCI Express Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 expansion slot compatible (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 lane)

RS422 / RS485 (2w/4w) jumper selectable modes

Enhanced 16550 / 16650 / 16750 / 16950 UART modes

9-bit multi-drop support

DB9 Male connector (TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, Ground)

Full (4-wire)  duplex pin out support (TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-)

Half (2-wire) duplex pin out support (D+, D-)

Local Echo ON / OFF support (RS485)

Low or Full Height mounting bracket support

High speed design (460kbps – factory default) with DMA support for autonomous data transfers without CPU intervention

Optional support for up to 20 Mbps data rates (contact us for more details)

±15kv ESD and short-circuit protected RS422/RS485 compliant transceiver

Fail-safe biased design with support for assorted bias configurations

Hardware state machine auto-enables RS485 transmitter

Supported on Windows (32 & 64 bit) and Linux (32 & 64 bit)

FCC, CE, RoHS, Pb-free and Conflict of Minerals compliant

Order P/N Axxon LF1083KB-500 (Max 500kbps)

Order P/N Axxon LF1083KB-20 (Max 20Mbps)

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